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#Parkade #Lighting – #Green #Savings!

King Condo Management Condo News #Parkade #Lighting – #Green #Savings!

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#Parkade #Lighting – #Green #Savings!

Posted By Karen King


There are many benefits to improving parkade lighting:

  • Lower maintenance costs
    • LED lighting systems are generally maintenance free for up to 50,000 hours of operation
    • Induction lighting systems are often maintenance free for up to 100,000 hours of operation
  • Slash your energy costs
  • Optimize your light levels and enhance safety
  • Eliminate shadows and dark corners
  • Add occupancy sensing to improve your energy savings to 80 or 90%
  • Instant illumination, no warm up delays
  • Increase pedestrian and motorist safety

What is the best choice for energy efficient lighting?

The answer is “it depends.”  Factors such as the current electrical distribution system, lamp spacing, ceiling height, the number of obstructions, corners, ramps, and the location and height of piping and ducts must all be taken into consideration.

It also depends on the accessibility of fixtures for maintenance.  Although no lighting system is ever completely maintenance free, energy efficient LED and Induction lighting systems are the most energy efficient and maintenance free systems available today.

Factors to consider

  • If your T8 or T12 fluorescent fixtures are in good condition, the best option may be an LED retrofit of your existing fixtures.
  • If there are large sections of fluorescent fixtures (8 feet and longer), Metal Halide or Sodium fixtures, Induction lighting is often the best solution and is often more cost effective.
  • Induction lighting is generally much more cost effective over the long term
  • Compared to an LED replacement fixture, Induction fixtures generally cost 30 to 50% less.

Added Bonus – Safety

When designing lighting systems for parking lots and parking garages, personal safety is priority one. Consider these three key areas for your parking spaces:

  • Car prowling, vandalism, theft, and instances of assault, are greatly reduced by effective lighting.  Criminals just don’t hang around in areas where they can easily be seen or recorded on video.
  • Quality lighting is essential to help pedestrians and motorists see irregular surfaces, curb lines, slippery or wet areas, concrete wheel stops, pole bases and bollards, and concrete pillars.
  • Modern well-lit parking facilities enhance motorist and pedestrian safety, by reducing vehicle to parkade or vehicle to pedestrian accidents.

How it happens

Improve the safety of your condominium by making your parkade more efficient, and illuminating it to a level that is comfortable and convenient to create savings. Here at, Karen King & Associates Inc., your condominium manager collects three quotes by doing walkthroughs of your condominium with three consultants who are experts in the field. They analyze your present situation and offer suggestions on what is best for your building. Following the consultations, the condominium manager will present the proposals and energy savings calculations regarding why they should/should not invest in LED or Induction lighting and the benefits. This service is included in your Karen King & Associates Inc. Condominium Management package, so why not?

Thank you to Green Building Initiatives for interviewing for this article.

Written by Karen King

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