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The Impact of #Carbon #Tax

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The Impact of #Carbon #Tax

Posted By Karen King

Let’s be honest. The carbon tax will increase the utility costs of your condominium significantly. For natural gas it will increase $1.01/GJ in 2017 and $1.52/GJ in 2018. The electrical costs will increase at the generation level as well.

So what can we do about it? Here at Karen King & Associates Inc., we provide group wholesale plans which have saved our customers significant amounts on their current utility bills. We have also signed on several customers for longer term electricity contracts to reduce the expense. We have many strategies to minimize a condominium’s actual power consumption. These are part of our Optimization Program which includes items such as LED lights, proper piping insulation and 107 other opportunities. In addition, we inform our clients of the applicable rebates.

If you’re not minimizing your utility costs, you’re not getting thorough and proper condominium management. Please call us if you have any questions at (519) 279-6796.

(photo courtesy of Takver)

Written by Karen King

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