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10 Ways to #Improve Your #Doorway

King Condo Management Condo News, Real Estate News 10 Ways to #Improve Your #Doorway
10 Ways to #Improve Your #Doorway

Condo News Real Estate News

10 Ways to #Improve Your #Doorway

Posted By Karen King

It is all well and good for me to blog about how to improve your outdoor space in order to increase the value of your home, but it is useless unless I give you concrete examples of how to do this! So here are the top 10:

  1. Refinish or paint the front door, window trim, porch or any items that are looking worn.
  2. Add a tasteful wreath that adds a small touch of colour.
  3. Update the light fixtures because proper warm lighting sets the mood for the home.
  4. Ground lighting on the home is eye catching, especially if it is being shown after sunset.
  5. Frame the doorway with planters that are size appropriate.
  6. A welcome mat can warm the entry and keep the foyer clean for viewings.
  7. A bench, glider, porch swing, rocking chair or bistro set all remind one of relaxation and what is more appealing than coming home to relax!
  8. Coordinate the decor with your freshly painted front door. Even small details like outdoor cushions, hanging planters, lanterns and sculptural pieces can make a lasting impact.
  9. Don’t underestimate upgrading your hardware: door bell cover, address numbers, door knocker, mailbox, etc. all create an impression.
  10. Create a walkway leading to the front door. Perhaps solar lights illuminating the path to give the home a cozy feeling.

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, this is not a to-do list. Pick a style or theme and make sure these items work with this vision. Keep it simple. When you start wondering whether you should add just one more thing, that’s the time to stop. Clean and crisp is better than cluttered.

Consistency is most important. The goal is to create a vision. Create a feeling that envelops potential buyers and makes them feel like this has to be their future home.

Our realtors at Karen King & Associates Inc. are happy to give you feedback in order to get the most for your home. A true realtor will not just list your home, but actually look for ways to get you the most for your home.

That’s how to maximize your investment!

Written by Karen King

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