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Visitor Parking – Trafalgar Landing

King Condo Management Visitor Parking – Trafalgar Landing

Visitor Parking – Trafalgar Landing

Posted By josh

All VISITORS must be registered through the new permit system between the hours of 12am-7am daily. Visitor parking is only enforced overnight.

Daytime visitors parking between the hours of 7:01am-11:59 pm is permitted without request for permit.

Visitors permits will be issued through Security Advisors Group’s automated system which will allow residents to register all visitors’ vehicle information on-line at http://www.securityadvisorsgroup.com or by phone at 416-410-8676. 

Parking enforcement will be performed daily, and Town of Oakville tickets will be issued for any vehicles violating the parking rules. If necessary, vehicles may also be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. 

Visitor Registration Instructions: 

By Telephone 

Please call (416) 410-8676, at the message prompt, leave the following information: 

  • Resident full name 
  • Resident address and unit/suite number 
  • Visitor’s vehicle license number 
  • Visitor’s vehicle make 
  • Date of call 
  • Time of call 
  • Duration of stay 


***If the online permit system is down for system maintenance, you MUST use the alternative phone option to register.*** 

Visitor Permits Per Month 

Owners/Residents are reminded that each Owner/Resident is only allowed ten (10) overnight visitors per month. 

Visitor parking is only for VISITORS. Owners/Residents are not permitted to park in Visitor spaces, and the automated system will not accept registration of any Owner/Resident vehicles. Management reserves the right to suspend or permanently eliminate all parking privileges if owners/residents are found violating parking rules and regulations.