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HSCC728 The Saxony – Lounge Room Rules

King Condo Management HSCC728 The Saxony – Lounge Room Rules

HSCC728 The Saxony – Lounge Room Rules

Posted By josh

Lounge, Theatre Room and Dining Room Private Bookings (Also called Party Room)

Use of the above facilities should be carefully considered by all residents when booking a function, keeping in mind the room should be thought of an “extension” of their own unit, and not as a banquet hall in a “public” building. Use of these facilities for private functions is a privilege of an owner/resident not a right. Those that fail to observe the facility rules may lose this privilege.

  1. The Board shall have priority and jurisdiction over all activities in these facilities. The Board may disallow any reservation request. The Board may delegate authority for
    registering reservations, and for managing the room’s use within these rules.
  2. Any resident being at least 18 years old and registered as a resident on the records of the corporation (hereinafter referred to as a “resident host”) who wishes to reserve any of these facilities for a private function shall complete the Reservation Request form. See attached form.
  3. The property manager can provide a copy of the reservation request form and can confirm the reservation once Board approval is received. Reservations for the rooms is
    on a “first come-first served “basis”. and must be made at least 30 days before the event and not more than 6 months ahead.
  4. I assume responsibility for all damages or loss incurred by myself, or my guests or my tenant and their guests. These damages will be charged to my unit and will be collected in the same manner as my condominium fees and are subject to a lien against my personal property. A Cleaning fee of $75.00 and a booking fee of $50.00 is due on booking the Party Room.
  5. Private functions must be supervised by the resident host, who must be present at all times.
  6. The resident host shall ensure that no more than fire code occupancy limits are exceeded, this limit is 60.
  7. Private functions must be of a social or otherwise personal nature. Use of the facilities for business-for-profit purposes are prohibited.
  8. The room/rooms rented shall not be available to the resident host for exclusive use more than 2 hours prior to commencement of the function or 2 hours after.
  9. The room/rooms rented functions shall take place strictly within the designated room/rooms and the resident host shall ensure that attendees do not use hallways, walkways, garage or other parts of the common elements for the purpose of the room/rooms function.
  10. The use of any fastener, adhesive, hanger, tack, nail, screw, etc. for hanging or suspending anything from the ceiling, walls, doorframes, furniture, etc. is strictly prohibited.
  11. It shall be the responsibility of the resident host to ensure the facility is cleaned by no later than 12 noon the following day, in such a manner, and utilizing such methods as
    the corporation may prescribe from time to time. The inspection by a representative of the corporation, as to cleanliness and other good order of the room/rooms shall deem
    to be firm and binding on the resident host. Generally, the room must be returned to the state it was in prior to the start of the event.
  12. All music and amplified sound shall cease at midnight, all attendees shall vacate by 1:00 am, and any non-resident attendees shall vacate by 1:00 am or the deposit may be
    forfeited to the corporation.
    1. The resident host shall ensure that no alcohol is sold in the room/rooms function. Under no circumstances will alcohol be served to minors at any party room function, in accordance with government regulations.
    2. The resident host acknowledges that they shall be fully responsible for the behaviour and well-being of any guest who becomes intoxicated while at the function, or following the function, including by ensuring any attendee who consumes alcohol is fit to operate a motor vehicle, and shall indemnify the corporation and its Board, agents and security personnel from any claims, causes of actions, damages, loss of property, costs or expenses whatever arising from any injury, illness or property damage sustained by the attendees or anyone else as a result of any attendees consumption of alcohol.
    3. The resident host is cautioned that they may also be liable under law for any occurrences resulting from a guest intoxication.
  14. The resident host shall monitor and supervise the behaviour of the attendees of the Party Room function to ensure the attendees comply with all the rules found herein at all times while the attendees are in the party room or common elements of the corporation.
  15. The resident host and their guests shall comply with the provisions of the Condominium Act, the declaration, bylaws and rules, all federal, provincial and municipal laws, by-laws and regulations applicable to the Party Room.
  16. The resident host shall ensure that no signs shall be displayed anywhere on the Corporation property, and that no exterior common element area door shall be left open/propped open. This would violate building security and allow entry to the building by unauthorized/uninvited person(s).
  17. The resident host accepts full and complete liability for any liability, damage, illness injury, accident, demand, breach of any law, by-law, or regulation caused, or sustained by anyone attending a Party Room function, as a result of the use of the Party Room, wherever occurring. The resident host shall indemnify, save harmless and release the Corporation from any suit, action, application, cause of action, proceeding, claim, or other legal action of any kind whatever, including costs on a full indemnity basis, arising from or pertaining to the use by the resident host or any attendee or guest of the Party Room, common elements, furniture, equipment, facilities, vehicles, personal property, or property of the Corporation, which indemnification shall not be waived or estopped by any conduct or representation by a representative of the Corporation.
  18. SAXONY is a non-smoking building under our Condominium Declaration. This prohibition includes tobacco smoking, vaping and smoking of cannabis. This includes all areas in the building including owner units as well as the property outside. The resident host will ensure that guests respect these aspects of our home.
    The party rooms are equipped with entertainment system in theatre room, furniture, and kitchen with fridge, stove dishwasher and Keurig coffeemaker plus other additions as time goes by.

    1. The entertainment system is expensive and easily damaged. An additional deposit may be required, and the user must be trained to properly use it. Any damage will be the responsibility of the resident host. Public functions such as walking group, social committee functions, movie night group or other approved resident groups will not require a deposit.
    2. The Party Room kitchen equipment is intended for use at functions attended by residents only. It is permissible for those hosting a private event to use the fridge for
      storage of ice, beverages, and food for serving and the stove/microwave to heat up or keep warm food prior to use at the event. Cooking of food prohibited.